Recent Advances in Hormonal Physiology of Fish and Shellfish Reproduction
Recent Advances in Hormonal Physiology of Fish and Shellfish Reproduction
by Singh/Pandey
Year 2009
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ISBN 10 8190609131
ISBN 13 9788190609135
Language English
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1. Current status of gonadotropin and growth hormone in control 1-19
of reproduction in teleosts
T.P. Singh and B. Lal

2. Recent advances in the control of maturation and breeding in cultivable fishes 21-42
B.N. Singh

3. Some aspects of teleost vitellogenesis : role of fish vitellogenin 43-49
P. Nath, S. Maitra, R. Sahu, S. Mohapatra and J. Ghosh

4. Regulation of final oocyte maturation in teleosts 51-60
I.J. Singh

5. Pineal control of fish reproduction 61-68
P.C. Thomas

6. Fish pheromones and their potential applications in breeding, 69-98
aquaculture and fishery management
A.K. Pandey

7. Fish propagation and extreme climatic events 99-102
V.R.P. Sinha

8. Endocrine regulation of calcium metabolism in fishes with special 103-133
reference to reproduction
A.C. Pandey and A.K. Pandey

9. Antioxidative defense system with special reference to fish reproduction 135-147
G.B.N. Chainy and A. Roy

10. Isolation, purification and characterization of growth hormone from 149-165
the Indian catfish, Clarias batrachus
S. Harikrishnan, B.Lal, T.P. Singh, M. Yonekura and K. Acharia
11. Role of hormone and semi-balanced diet for advanced and multiple 167-174
maturation, breeding and seed production of Indian catfish,
Heteropneustes fossilis
B.N. Singh, A.K. Pandey, G. Kanungo and M. Sarkar

12. Early maturation in broodstocks of Indian major carps maintained on 175-182
semi-balanced diet supplemented with lysine and methionine
A.K. Pandey, P.K. Arvindakshan and B.N. Singh

13. Induction of maturity and spontaneous spawning in captive broodstock 183-193
of seabass, Lates calcarifer, through hormonal manipulation
M. Kailasam, A.R. Thirunavukkarasu, P.K. Chandra,
P. Shiranee and K.V. Rajendran

14. Induction of ovulation and spawning in Mugil cephalus 195-200
using HCG and ovaprim
M. Abraham, P.K. Chandra, P. Shiranee, M. Kailasam and A.V.K. Charles

15. Profile of lipid and certain vitellogenic constituents in relation 201-212
to gonadal development in an Indian major carp, Cirrhinus mrigala
I.J. Singh

16. Maturational responses of gonads to pituitary preparations and 213-219
ovaprim in Labeo rohita
I.J. Singh and R.N. Ram

17. Hypophysial-gonadal axis modulation in response to some spawning 221-227 inducing agents
I.J. Singh and R.N. Ram

18. Induction of maturational processes by spawning inducing agents 229-236
in gonads of Clarias batrachus
R.N. Ram and I.J. Singh

19. Synchronization of induced spawning of carps by ovaprim and 237-245
pituitary gland
U.P. Singh, I.J. Singh and R.N. Ram

20. Field trials on induced spawning of the Indian major carps with
acetone-dried powdered pituitary from Catla catla 247-250
M.K. Bandyopadhyay and B.N. Singh

21. Successful induced spawning of pond-raised endangered golden 251-256
mahseer, Tor putitora
A.K. Pandey, R.S. Patiyal, P.C. Mahanta, M. Tyagi and S.R. Chenyal

22. Induced breeding of the Indian major carp, Labeo rohita, with 257-260
synthetic hormone drug WOVA-FH
A.K. Pandey, C.T. Mahapatra, G. Kanungo and B.N. Singh

23. Pheromone-a probable biostimulant for sympathetic spawning of the 261-264
Indian major carps
M.K. Bandyopadhyaya and S.K. Singh

24. Role of pineal melatonin during environmental and hormonal sex 265-271
determination in fishes
A.K. Singh

25. Rat ventral prostate and seminal vesicular bioassay for detecting the 273-276
residual hormone in 17?-methyltesosterone induced sterile common
carp, Cyprinus carpio
P.C. Das, G.P.S. Rao and K. Narayana

26. Effect of mibolerone on the reproductive physiology of Clarias 277-286
batrachus during the preparatory season
P. Keshavanath, D. K. Sarma and B. Gangadhara

27. Aflatoxin B1 induced pathophysiological changes in ovary of an 287-292
air-breathing fish, Channa punctatus
S.K. Verma and A.K. Pandey

28. Effects of adrenocortical hormones and ACTH on haematological 293-298
indices in freshwater teleost, Mystus vittatus
B.N. Pandey and A. Kumar

29. Cryopreservation of carp milt in French straws, tarson tubes and 299-303
visitubes : a step towards preservation in bulk
S.D. Gupta and S.C. Rath

30. Endocrine control of reproduction in prawn : an overview 305-314
D.R. Kanaujia, B.K. Das and A.N. Mohanty

31. Histomorphology of the neurosecretory cells of eyestalk, brain and 315-330
thoracic ganglia of Macrobrachium rosenbergii with special reference
to gonadal maturation
A. Kumar and A.K. Pandey
32. Broodstock mangement, breeding and seed rearing of freshwater 331-341
giant prawn, Macrobrachiun rosenbergii
K.J. Rao

33. Breeding and seed production of Indian river prawn, Macrobrachium 343-353
D.R. Kanaujia

34. Role of hormone in gonadal maturation and reduction of intermolt 355-364
period in post-larval rearing of Macrobrachium rosenbergii
M.K. Sinha, R.K. Mohanty and K. Venkateshvaran

35. Enhanced reproductive potential of Penaeus monodon broodstock 365-373
using suitable management practices
S.S. Mishra and A. Panigrahi

36. Hormonal influence of sexual maturity in female giant freshwater 375-378
prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii
D. Behera, R.C. Das and K.J. Rao

37. Controlled breeding studies in female Macrobrachium idella 379-385
V.P. Joshi and A.D. Diwan

38. Biotechnological applications of hormones in fish reproduction 387-402
B.N. Singh

39. Transgenic fish and shellfish and their potential applications in 403-415
aquaculture for increased production
S.S. Mishra, M.S. Shekhar and S.K. Mishra