Fish Genetic Resources
Fish Genetic Resources
by Lakra/Singh
Year 2009
Paperback/Hardbound Hardbound
ISBN 10 8190609165
ISBN 13 9788190609166
Language English
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Chapter 1. Biotic Invasions: An Overview
T. Ramakrishna Rao

Chapter 2. A Review of Fish Introductions in India
S.D. Tripathi

Chapter 3. Problems and Prospects of Exotic Fishes in India
P.V. Dehadrai

Chapter 4. Impacts of Fish Introductions: A Global Perspective
Ambekar E. Eknath, Chindi Vasudevappa and Basavaraju

Chapter 5. Challenging Experiences of Exotic Fish Introductions: An Overview

Chapter 6. Fish Introduction in Peninsular India with Special Reference to Kerala: Status, Challenges and Potential
B. Madhusoodana Kurup and K.V. Radhakrishnan

Chapter 7. Status of Exotic Fishes Introduced in India and their Impact
R.A. Khan and R.P. Barman and S.S.Mishra

Chapter 8. Do We Need to Import Fish in India?
M.P. Singh Kohli

Chapter 9. African Catfish in India
A.K. Singh and W.S. Lakra

Chapter 10. Spread of Exotic Fishes in River Yamuna
A.K. Singh, A.K. Pathak, Salim Sultan, A. Mishra and W.S. Lakra

Chapter 11. A Note on Aquaculture of Exotic Species in Andhra Pradesh
K. Ravindranath

Chapter 12. Challenges posed by exotic catfish, Clarias gariepinus for Indian Fisheries
I.J. Singh

Chapter 13. Impact of exotic Cichlid, Orechromis mossambicus on Native Cichlid, Etroplus suratenesis from Kerala Backwaters.
V.S. Basheer, A. Gopalakrishnan and W.S. Lakra

Chapter 14. Exotic Fishes and Biodiversity
N. Sarangi

Chapter 15. Status and Role of Exotic Fish Species in Indian Open-Waters
K.K. Vass and B.C. JHA

Chapter 16. Introduction of Tilapia in India: Status, Challenges and Potential
G.P. Satyanarayana Rao

Chapter 17. Ornamental Fish Introductions in India: Status, Challenges & Potentials
Sharad R. Sane

Chapter 18. Introduction of Litopenaeus vannamei: a Boon or Bane?
P. Ravichandran

Chapter 19. Introduction of Exotics for Export Oriented Aquaculture in India: Challenges and Opportunities
B. Vishnu Bhat

Chapter 20. Larvivorous fish Introductions in India and its Implications on Biodiversity
S.K. Ghosh and A.P. Dash

Chapter 21. Status of Exotic Fish Species in Upland Waters of India
P.C. Mahanta and Shyam Sunder

Chapter 22. Ballast Water: A Potential Route for Introduction of Non-indigenous Aquatic Organisms
Neeraj Sood, Gaurav Rathore, A.K. Singh and T. RajaSwaminathan

Chapter 23. Role of Quarantine in Regulating the Introduction of Exotic Flora and Fauna
R.K. Khetarpal and Kavita Gupta

Chapter 24. Challanges of Sate Introduction: A Public-Private Partnership
T.C. Santiago and A.G. Ponniah

Chapter 25. Disease Monitoring and Control in Aquaculture Sector Issues for Consideration
G.D. Chandrapal

Chapter 26. Introduced Food Fishes of Karnataka: An Overview
K.V. Devaraj, Y. Basavaraju and D. Seenappa

Chapter 27. Exotic Fish Infiltration in Rihand Reservoir (Uttar Pradesh): A Case Study
Noorul Haque, Arvind Mishra, A.K. Singh and A.K. Pathak

Chapter 28. Exotic Fishes in Karnataka: Their History, Status and Prospects
N.R. Ramakrishna

Chapter 29. Status and Potentials of Exotic Carps Introduced into the Manipur State.
K. Sarat Kumar Singh

Chapter 30. Status of Exotic Fishes, Their Introduction and Role in Himachal Fisheries
B.D. Sharma

Chapter 31. Freshwater Ichthyo-Biodiversity: Changes and Challenges
Salim Sultan

Chapter 32. Exotic Fish in Ornamental Fish Industries & Food Fish in West Bengal
Madhumita Mukherjee

Chapter 33. Exotic Fishes of Freshwater Aquaculture: An Overview
C.S. Singh and P.K. Singh

Chapter 34. Status of Exotic Fishes in Haryana
S.C. Agarwal and M S Kharb

Chapter 35. Fish Introduction in India – Status, Challenges, Potentials
T. Selvaraj

Chapter 36. Fish Introduction in Rajasthan Status, Challenges & Potentiality
C.S. Choudhary