Aquaculture Management
Aquaculture Management
by Goswami/Kumar
Year 2009
Paperback/Hardbound Hardbound
ISBN 10 8190795201
ISBN 13 9788190795203
Language English
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Chapter 1. Concept of Best Management Practices for Freshwater Aquaclture in India
D. Kumar, S. Munilkumar and Babitha Rani

Chapter 2. Aquaculture to Meet the Growing Global Demand
Modadugu V. Gupta

Chapter 3. Current Status of Culture Fisheries in India
P.V. Dehadrai

Chapter 4. Composite Fish Culture is the Key of Blue Revolution in India
V.R.P. Sinha

Chapter 5. Ecology and Fisheries Management of the Floodplain Wetlands in India
V. V. Sugunan

Chapter 6. Should Indian Aquaculture Continue to Depend on Exotic Species?–No!
S.D. Tripathi

Chapter 7. Aquaculture in the North-eastern States of India: Status, Potential and Constraints for Development
M. Sinha

Chapter 8. Fish Germplasm Resource of India With Special Emphasis on Conservation and Rehabilitation of Threatened Species
W.S. Lakra and A.K. Pandey

Chapter 9. Culture of Carps in High Altitude: Some Ideas on its Successful Management
P.C. Mahanta, B.C. Tyagi and Debajit Sarma

Chapter 10. Environment Friendly Technologies to Address Food Safety and Environmental Concerns in Brackishwater Aquaculture
A.G. Ponniah and K.K. Krishnani

Chapter 11. Pen and Cage Culture Practices in the Inland Water Bodies of India
G. K. Vinci

Chapter 12. Rice-Fish Farming: Capacity Building For Sustainable Living
U.K. Baruah, N.C. Deka and U.C. Goswami

Chapter 13. On the Reproductive Biology, Breeding and Culture Possibilities of Indian Shad Hilsa Tenualosa Ilisha (Hamilton)
D.K. De

Chapter 14. Indigenous Ornamental Fishes: A sustainable Livelihood Option for the Rural People
T.V. Anna Mercy

Chapter 15. Capacity Building in Marine Fisheries
T. Balasubramanian and V. Sampath

Chapter 16. Water Quality Management and Fish Production: Indian Scenario
B.N. Pandey

Chapter17. Management of Aquaculture: Problems and Prospects of Shrimp Farming in India
S. Ajmal Khan and R. Gopalakrishnan

Chapter 18. Carp Culture in India
M.C. Nandeesha and Chandrakant Mishra

Chapter 19. Impact of Climate Variation on Fishes: Physiological Perspectives
A.K. Pal

Chapter 20. Sewage-fed Aquaculture: A Viable Option for Water Productivity Enhancement
S. Dasgupta and P.K. Mukhopadhyay

Chapter 21. Assessment of Health of Fish Populations: A Multiple Bioindicator Approach
Manas Kumar Das

Chapter 22. Reorientation of Fisheries Education in India with Special Reference to Aquaculture
R.S. Biradar

Chapter 23. Management of Soil and Water Quality in Ponds
D. Nath

Chapter 24. Environmental Degradation of Marine Ecosystem and its Effects on Fisheries Resources Along Maharashtra Coast
Chandra Prakash, M.P. Singh Kohli, K.D. Raju and A.K. Jaiswar

Chapter 25. Biological Communities In Aquaculture Ponds: Structure, Function and nManagement
B.C. Jha

Chapter 26. An Asynchronous e-Learning Module for Aquaculture Development
P. Mahalakshmi and M. Krishna

Chapter 27. Freshwater Zooplankton: Study with Special Reference to Cladoceran: A Boon in Sustainable Aquaculture
Ratan K. Saha

Chapter 28. Feed and Feeding Management of Carps in Ponds
N.P. Sahu and Saravanan S.