Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculture Management (2 Vols Set)
Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculture Management (2 Vols Set)
by Gopakumar/Diwan
Year 2011
Paperback/Hardbound Hardbound
ISBN 10 9380428146
ISBN 13 9789380428147
Language English
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Chapter 1. Costal Aquaculture in India : An Overview
G.R.M. Rao and P. Ravi Chandran

Chapter 2. Mariculture Development in India
Mohan Joseph Modayil

Chapter 3. Recent Development in Bivalve Mariculture in India

Chapter 4. Mud Crabs of India: Capture and Culture Fisheries
M. Kathirvel

Chapter 5. Mechanisim and Methods of Induced Maturation and Breeding of New Shellfish Species For Coastal Aquaculture
A.D. Diwan

Chapter 6. Broodstock Development and Spawning of Shrimp
G. Maheswarudu, N. Neelkanta Pillai and K.R. Manmohan Nair

Chapter 7. Method for Traditional Shrimp Seed Production and Hatchery Management
N. Neelakanta Pillai, G. Maheswarudu and K. R. Manmohan Nair

Chapter 8. Culture of Live Food Organisms
C.P. Gopinathan and K.G.Girijavallabhavan

Chapter 9. Probiotics In Aquaculture
K. S. Mohammad

Chapter 10. Induced Breeding and Seed Production of Molluscs
Dharmaraj, A.C.C. Victor and I. Jagadis

Chapter 11. Bivalves and Seaweeds In Integrated Aquaculture
K.A. Narasimham

Chapter 12. Nutritional Requirements of Shellfish
S. Ahamad Ali

Chapter 13. Cryopreservation of Fish Gametes and Embryos
A.D. Diwan and W.S. Lakra

Chapter 14. Culture of Seaweeds, Products Development and their Application
N. Kaliaperumal

Chapter 15. Preservation, Handling, Transport, Maintenance and Control of Quality of Farmed Fish and Shellfish
K. Gopakumar

Chapter 16. Aquaculture Economics, Marketing and Extension
R. Sathiadhas and T.M. Najmudeen

Chapter 17. Importance of Aquaculture Engineering for Enhancing Quality Protein Food in India
C. Saha

Chapter 18. National Status and Potential of the Living Marine Resources and the Marine Environment of the East Coast of India
A.D. Diwan

Chapter 19. Fisheries Management in the Changing Context Scenario
S. Ayyappan and A.D. Diwan

Chapter 20. Strategies for Development of Sustainable Aquaculture to Ensure Nutritional Security: Needs a New Look
A.D. Diwan

Chapter 21. WTO and its Impact on Fish
A.D. Diwan