Strategic Livestock Feeding for Sustainable Production
Strategic Livestock Feeding for Sustainable Production
by Gupta/Taparia
Year 2012
Paperback/Hardbound Hardbound
ISBN 10 9380428294
ISBN 13 9789380428291
Language English
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Chapter 1.Importance of Livestock in Agriculture
Lokesh Gupta and L.S. Jain

Chapter 2. Climatic Change, Vulnerability and Adaptation Strategies for Livestock in Arid and Semi Arid Regions
P.C. Dangi and Nisha Varghese

Chapter 3.Special Features of Ruminant’s Digestion
M.C. Mathur and O.P. Pathodiya

Chapter 4.Strategic Feeding of Dairy Cattle
R.K. Dhuria and Lokesh Gupta

Chapter 5.Trends in Feeding of Small Ruminants
S.P. Tailor and Lokesh Gupta

Chapter 6.Camels and their Mineral Nutrition
Bernard Faye, Mohammed Bengoumi and Rabiya Seboussi

Chapter 7.Livestock Fodder Resources in India
A.L. Taparia

Chapter 8. By-pass Nutrient Technology for Sustainable Milk Production
T.K. Walli

Chapter 9.Chelated Minerals: An Promises for Better Bioavailability
V.K. Sharma and Nikhil Gupta

Chapter 10.Role of Minerals and Vitamins in the Production and Reproduction of Farm Animals
C.S. Vaishnav

Chapter 11.Feeding Strategies to Enhance Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Content of Milk
Neelam Kewalramani and A.K.Tyagi

Chapter 12. Improvement of Low Quality Roughages using Physical and Biological Methods
P.C. Murdia and J.L. Chaudhary

Chapter 13.Enhancing Utilization of Poor Quality Roughages using Chemical Methods
Lokesh Gupta and A.L. Taparia

Chapter 14. Potential Fodder Crops and Varieties for Drought Conditions
Tuhina Dey and G.S. Sharma

Chapter 15. Fodder Production from Pastures and Silvi-pastural System
G.L. Sharma

Chapter 16.Methods of Forage Conservation and their Effect on Nutritional Quality
R.K. Bhargava

Chapter 17.Use of Top Feeds in Ruminants
R.C. Jakhmola, A.S. Mishra and A.K. Misra

Chapter 18.Use of Agro-industrial By-products and Un-conventional Feed Resources as Livestock Feed
Nikhil Gupta and N.K. Rajora

Chapter 19.Anti-nutritional Factors in Animal Feed Stuffs
Akhil Gupta and C.S. Vaishnav

Chapter 20.Feeding Large Ruminants During Scarcity Period
O.P. Pathodiya and L.S. Jain

Chapter 21. Modern Approach of Feed Evaluation and their Application
J.L. Chaudhary

Chapter 22. Extension Methodology for Dissemination of Feeding Practices
J.L. Chaudhary

Chapter 23.Glossary ff Animal Nutrition
Akhil Gupta and Nikhil Gupta


This book, which is essentially an abridgement of Applied Animal Nutrition, has been prepared for use as a guideline for students, researchers, extension workers and policy makers in the field of veterinary and animal husbandry. However, it would be useful for the progressive farmers engaged in livestock production. The need for such book covering modern developments and strategic feeding for sustainable livestock production pertaining to Indian conditions is being felt.
Keeping this in view, only such chapters were chosen about which the authentic information is scattered and not available at one place. It covers the whole range topics related to strategic feeding of livestock. These include special features of ruminants; feed and fodder resources; feed requirement; strategies of fodder production and conservation; advances in feeding of dairy bovine, small ruminants and camels; use of top feeds; agro-industrial byproducts and herbal feeds; improvement of low quality roughages; bypass nutrient technology for sustainable milk production; modern approaches of feed evaluation; role of minor nutrients in production and reproduction; anti nutritive factors in feedstuffs and extension methodology for dissemination of feeding practices.