Shrimp Raceway Aquaculture Technology for India
Shrimp Raceway Aquaculture Technology for India
by Felix, S
Year 2012
Paperback/Hardbound Hardbound
ISBN 10 9380428383
ISBN 13 9789380428383
Language English
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1. Introduction

2. Cultivable Penaeid Shrimps

3. Shrimp Culture Raceways: Concept, Working Principle and Relative Advantages

4. Design and Construction of Nursery Raceway System

5. Prestocking Management of Raceways

6. Raceways: Stocking Management

7. Waterquality Management in Raceways

8. Feeds and Feeding Managment in Raceways

9. Fermented Products: Formulation and Preparation for Raceway Aquaculture

10. Algal Culture : Production and Management

11. Sampling for Growth and Health Assessment

12. Diseases and Health Management in Raceways

13. Raceway Management : Trouble Shooting and Remedies

14. Dos and Donts in Raceway Maintenance

15. Techno-Economic Viablity of Raceway Based Shrimp Farming

16. Advantages of Raceway Aquaculture


‘Shrimp Raceway Aquaculture Technology for India’
Aquaculture in India is currently at the cross roads (!) and we are not able to enhance our fish production to the next level though countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia are showing tremendous guts and will power to grow at a rapid phase on the aquaculture front. Two major critical factors which are considered to be the stumblingblocks for aquaculture development in India are : (i) not diversifying and introducing new viable species (ii) innovative, intensive and advanced aquaculture systems are seldom introduced.
Its time we address these issues to pave way for the genuine development to take place in aquaculture sector in India. ‘Indoor aquaculture’ is one such culture practice that can be adopted effectively to enhance fish production as it only requires less space, less water and less energy. The success achieved through these systems in countries such as USA, Hawaii, Mexico, Malaysia, etc are phenomenal.
A raceway culture system designed, prototyped, fabricated, domesticated and demonstrated for the benefit of scientific and farming community, by the author in India is dealt in detail in this book.
This system can be adopted or domesticated for both marine and freshwater cultivable high value species. By effecting location – specific - modifications, this system should work wonderfully, as it has been proved to be sustainable and eco-friendly by fellow countrymen in other parts of the world. Enterprising entrepreneurs and aquaculture technologists are invited to adopt this system to their full advantage!