ICT for Agriculture Development Under Changing Climate
ICT for Agriculture Development Under Changing Climate
by Singh/Meena
Year 2012
Paperback/Hardbound Hardbound
ISBN 10 9380428456
ISBN 13 9789380428451
Language English
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1. ICTs for Agricultural Development: Why it Needs Change in Climate Change Perspective?
K.M. Singh and M.S. Meena


2. Climate Change, Agriculture and ICT: An Exploratory Analysis
R.K.P. Singh and K.M. Singh

3. ICT-Enabled Extension in Agriculture Sector: Opportunities and Challenges in Climate Change Situation
M.S. Meena, K.M. Singh and R.K.P. Singh

4. Women Empowerment Through ICTs under Changing Climate Scenario

5. Empowering Farmers through ICTs in Changing Climate
B.S. Meena, R. Senthil Kumar, S. Subash and A.P. Ruhil

6. ICTs: A Tool for Mitigating Impact of Climate Change to Ensure Food and Economic Security
Ujjwal Kumar

7. Role of ICTs in Rural Development with Reference to Changing Climatic Conditions
Abhay Kumar and K.M. Singh

8. Information and Communication Technologies: Challenges Apparent by
Extension Agencies in Changing Climate Situation
Manish Kanwat, M.S. Meena, Suresh Kumar, P. and Chargotra, M.

9. ICT for Climate change and Women: A Perspective
Punam Tiwari, R.K. Roy and Arif Parwez


10. ICTs and Climate Change with Reference to Crop Production
S.S. Singh and N. Subash

11. Decision Support Systems for Enhancing Agricultural Productivity and Livelihood Security
Ashutosh Upadhyaya

12. Information and Communication Technologies for Conservation Agriculture
A.R. Khan

13. Role of ICT in Precision Farming under Changing Climatic Scenario
Anil Kumar Singh and Chunchun Kumar

14. Application of Bioinformatics in Agriculture
R. Elanchezhian

15. ICTs for Organic Farming under Changed Climate Situation
S.K. Singh

16. ICT for Weather Forecasting in Changing Agro-Climatic Condition
N. Subash

17. ICTs for Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture Sector
Purnima Bharam

18. ICTs for Modern Farming Practices in Changing Climate Scenario
Smita Sinha

19. ICT for Adoption of System of Rice Intensification under Changing Climate Scenario
Deokaran, Ramkewal, R.K. Roy, Nitu Kumari, Md. Afroz Sultan
and Arif Parwez


20. Information and Communication Technology for Water Resources Management
Adlul Islam

21. Role of ICTs and Multiple Use Systems in Climate Resilient Agriculture
A. Abdul Haris, Vandna Chhabra and Sandeep Biswas

22. ICT for Soil Quality Assessment under Changing Climate Scenario
K. Rajan and M.K. Meena

23. ICT for Soil Fertility Management in Varied Climate Situation
M.K. Meena and K. Rajan


24. Significance of ICTs in Fisheries
D.K. Kaushal and B.K. Choudhary

25. Information and Communication Technology for Aquaculture
Alok Kumar Jain

26. Impact of Climate Change on Fisheries and Aquaculture and Vice Versa
Binod Kumar Choudhary and D.K. Kaushal

27. ICT in Dairy: A Tool to Address Challenges of Climate Change
Awadhesh K Jha


28. Climate Change and Role of ICTs in Animal Disease Management
Pradeep Kumar Ray and Jegaveera Pandian S.

29. ICTs for Integrated Rodent Pest Management
Mohd. Idris and S.S. Singh

30. ICT Advancement for Livestock Productivity in Context of Climate Change
R.K. Roy, Punam Tiwari, Deokaran and Arif Parwez

31. ICT for Effective Integrated Pest Management under Changed Climate
Ramkewal, J. Stanley Md. Idris, Deokaran, Nitu Singh and J.P. Gupta


Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in agriculture is an emerging domain evolving the innovative paradigm for reaching the unreached.The challenge is not simply to increase rural access at a national level, but to connect rural agricultural producers to markets through global information networks. Nowadays, ICT is becoming an important means for societal transformation and emerging rapidly in developing as well as developed countries. Rural development is expanding in new directions where old ways of delivering important services to citizens are being challenged; and traditional societies are being transformed into knowledge societies across the world.As a broad tool for providing local farming communities with scientific knowledge, ICT heralds the formation of knowledge societies in the rural areas especially of developing world. However, this can only be realized when knowledge and information are effectively harvested for overall agriculture and rural development.Climate change is a global problem with local impacts, thus information technology, jointly with communication sciences, can play a big role in blending different perspectives. As agriculture is likely to suffer the biggest impacts, sound adaptation processes are required to sustain agricultural production and food system as a whole. Therefore, any knowledge transfer should take into account farmers’ point of view, with the aim of building on their knowledge and capitalize it.
The present book ICT for Agricultural Development in Changing Climate attempts to support the managers of Agricultural Extension Organizations and Social Scientists especially in developing countries. Accordingly, 31 chapters on the main theme ICT for Agricultural Development in Changing Climate have been chosen and placed in 5 different parts namely: Part: 1 ICT for Socio-Economic Upliftment and Women Empowerment; Part: 2 ICT for Scientific Agriculture; Part: 3 ICT for Soil and Water Management; Part: 4 ICT for Animal Husbandry and Fisheries; Part: 5 ICT for Integrated Pest and Disease Management in the book. The editors and the contributors sincerely trust that this book will help the readers polish up their knowledge about Agricultural Extension Systems and approaches to changing situation in which they work by learning from experiences. Further, it is also expected that the sharing of experiences between nations and professionals may help readers improve transfer of agricultural innovations to eradicate poverty among farm families.