Basics of Wildlife Health Care & Management
Basics of Wildlife Health Care & Management
by Jani, Rajesh
Year 2012
Paperback/Hardbound Hardbound
ISBN 10 9380428472
ISBN 13 9789380428475
Language English
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Chapter 1). Taxonomical Classification of Wildlife

Chapter 2). Biological Features of Wildlife

Chapter 3). Population and Habitat Management

Chapter 4). Ethology-Animal Behavior

Chapter 5). Health Monitoring and Evaluation in Free Living Wild Animals

Chapter 6). Physical and Chemical Restrains

Chapter 7). Transportation

Chapter 8). Health Examination and Recording of Vital Signs

Chapter 9). Wildlife Diseases: An Over View

Chapter 10). Major Infectious Diseases of Wild Animals

Chapter 11). Major Non Infectious Diseases of Wild Animals

Chapter 12). Rescue and Critical Care Management

Chapter 13). Post Mortem Examination

Chapter 14). Forensic and Veterolegal Aspects of Crime Investigation

Chapter 15). Zoonotic Diseases

Chapter 16). Disease Control Techniques in Free Living Wild Animals

Chapter 17). Field Approach for Disease Diagnosis from Dead Animals

Chapter 18). Ex-Situ Captive Management in Zoos

Chapter 19). Housing of Captive Animals

Chapter 20). Hygiene and Sanitation

Chapter 21). Collection, Preservation and Dispatch of Biomaterials

Chapter 22). Nutrition of Zoo Animals

Chapter 23). Orphan Management

Chapter 24). Disaster Management

Chapter 25). Surgical Problems and Intervention

Chapter 26). Medical Management of Reptiles

Ch 27). Exotic Bird Health Care and Management


Born on 7th June 1964 at Vavadi, (Gujarat) with scholastic ranking in graduation, post graduation and Ph.D. He did his post graduate diploma in wildlife management in XVII th diploma batch at Wildlife Institute of India ,Dehradun during 1996.He is having experience of more than 25 years in academic and research field. Received FIVE awards in academics and research, including Hari oum Ashram Award and Professional Excellency Award in Wildlife Health management. As a member of All India Wildlife and zoo veterinarian association he acted as a secretary for the western region and is an active member. He has published 64 clinical and research articles in National and International Journals, six books and presented lead articles in several seminars and symposiums. As a nominee by the government, during his U.S.A. academic tour visited many wildlife refuses and veterinary schools. He is an active member in 15 different organizations such as Zoo Outreach Organization (ZOO), Captive Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG), Founder member of Society for Promotion of history of Zoos and Natural History in India, (SPOHZ*NHI), Asian Regional Network of International Zoo Educators (ARNIZE), Association of Indian Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians (AIZWV) and wildlife health advisory member for Gujarat state and coordinator for western region for Indian Wildlife Health Cooperative programme as well as for WHIP. He is also a technical expert for Central Zoo Authority. Working as a Coordinator for the western region for wildlife health management by Indo-US programme on wildlife health and for Central Zoo Authority. As a PI conducted five research projects of International and National level. He is also an Associate Editor in Veterinary World Monthly Magazine and Associate Editor in Wildlife News Bulletin, Izatnagar. He has rescued, diagnosed and treated number of wild and captive animals, reptiles and birds.


The book on Basics of Wildlife Healthcare and Management provides the basic information about the introduction of wildlife course by the Veterinary Council of India for veterinary graduate. The book has been planned looking its theme and basic understanding of the various topics which will be useful for biologist, zoologist, veterinarians working in forest ,zoos or at field level where they use to get wild animals for post mortem or for treatment .It also provides helpful information to the forest officers, zoo managers and protected area managers for critical care management and for doing needful things before approaching a veterinarian to save the life of animal or to collect biological material useful for diagnosis.
The major chapters of the book covers about status of wild animals and their importance, status of animals on taxonomical and IUCN level, biological variations, ethology in health and diseases, population and habitat management, health monitoring and evaluation of wild animals in free living condition, transportation ,health care management, assessment, major infectious and non infectious diseases, disease control techniques, nutrition, ex- situ and in-situ conservation, restrain techniques, handling, orphan management, captive management , housing, hygiene and sanitation, zoonotic diseases, wildlife protection acts, forensic and legal understanding, surgical interventions and conditions, reproductive base line information, rescue operation, critical care management, various forms required for legal procedure, post mortem techniques and collection, preservation and dispatch of biomaterials, medical management of reptiles, exotic birds health care and management have been covered along with preparedness of disaster management with a view a holistic approach.
I am sure that this book will surely encourage and contributes to have awareness on healthcare and management of wild animals. It will be boon for the undergraduate and post graduate students of veterinary and zoological students, teachers, wildlife workers, foresters, zoo veterinarians and veterinarians working in protected area management as well as to many more who loves wild animals and do little for their conservations. I am very grateful to all who directly or indirectly supported me for this outcome.