Basics of Fisheries Science : Vol III Fishing Craft & Gear Technology
Basics of Fisheries Science : Vol III Fishing Craft & Gear Technology
by Badapanda, K C
Year 2013
Paperback/Hardbound Hardbound
ISBN 10 9380428741
ISBN 13 9789380428741
Language English
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1. An Introduction to Fishery Technology

2. The Systematic of Fishing Boats

3. Indigenous Fishing Boats of India

4. Selection of Fishing Crafts

5. Description of Selected Types of Fishing Vessels

6. The Mechanization of Fishing Crafts in India

7. Fishing Boat – Designs and Specifications

8. Principles of Designing of Fishing Vessels

9. Determination of Specifications of Vessels

10. The Coefficients of Fishing Vessels

11. Tonnage of Vessels

12. The Lines Drawing of a Vessel

13. Calculation of Area and Displacement

14. Stability of Vessels

15. Oscillation of Vessels

16. Resistance of Vessels

17. Propulsion of Vessel

18. Boat Building Materials – Wood

19. Indian Timbers used in Boat Building

20. Treatment of Timbers

21. Boat Fastenings and Fittings

22. Modern Boat Building Materials

23. Lay–out of Boat Building Yard

24. Construction of Wooden Boats

25. Care and Maintenance of Fishing Vessel

26. Painting of Boats and Painting Schedule

27. The Marine Engines

28. Fishing Equipments and Deck Gears

29. Echo–Sounder – Fish finder

30. SONAR – Sounding Navigation and Rating

31. Selection of Right type and Size of Fishing Vessels

32. Estimation of Power of Engine for Fishing Vessels

33. Surf–Crossing and Beach–Landing Crafts


1. Fishing Gears–General

2. Factors Determining the Selection of Fishing Gears

3. Classification of Fishing Gears

4. Gear Materials

5. The Synthetic Fibers

6. Construction of Netting Yarns

7. Properties of the Netting Yarn

8. Specification of Netting Materials for Different Gears

9. Choice of Netting Materials for Different Gears

10. Ropes used in Fishing Gears

11. Floats used in Fishing Gears

12. Sinkers used in Fishing Gears

13. Accessories used in Fishing Gears

14. Design of Fishing Gears

15. Net Preservation and Treatment

16. Design, Operation and Maintenance of Fishing Gears


1. Navigation and Seamanship

2. Variation and Deviation Chart

3. Navigation Equipments

4. Regulations for Fishing Vessels

5. Life Saving Appliances

6. Fire Fighting Regulations

7. Regulations to Prevent Collisions at Sea

8. Fishing Harbor and Shore Facilities

9. Development of Small–Scale Fisheries by the BOBP