Agrobiodiversity : Status, Trends and Prospects
Agrobiodiversity : Status, Trends and Prospects
by Kumar, B
Year 2013
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ISBN 10 9380428936
ISBN 13 9789380428932
Language English
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1. Exploitation of Biodiversity in Pulse Crops of Kerala by Ambili S. Nair, Musthafa Kunnathadi and S.M. Purushothaman

2. Nutritional and Antinutritional Factors in a Wild Leafy Vegetable from Western Ghats: Diplazium esculentum by Archana G. Nair, G.S. Nikhila, S. Pradeesh and T.S. Swapna

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4. Host Range, Pathogenicity and Cultural Characteristics of Pink Disease Pathogen-Corticium salmonicolor Berk and Broom
by Binu Hariprakash and M. Balasundaran

5. In Vitro Plantlet Regeneration and Medium Term Conservation of Some Zingiberaceous Species by Binu Hariprakash and M. Unnikrishnan

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7. Conservation and Equitable use of Agrobiodiversity in Wayanad: An Inter and Transdisciplinary Research Approach by Chattopadhyay Rumana, Girigan Gopi, Parameswaran Prajeesh and N. Anil Kumar

8. Conservation of Mulberry Species: Strategies for Awareness through Sericulture Service Centers by P. Deepa and J. Somireddy

9. Citrus Diversity in Arunachal Pradesh by B.N. Hazarika

10. Variability in Ash Gourd by M.L. Jyothi and M.C. Narayanankutty

11. Adaptability of Scented Rice Cultivars Suitable for Kerala by Kuruvilla Varughese, Suja Abraham, Jacob John and B. Rani

12. Diversity of Pollinators and the Impact of their Abundance on Fruit Production in Pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata L.) by P.T. Leena and M. Nasser

13. Agro-biodiversity Hotspots: Identification and Recognition of Farmers’/Farming/ Tribal Communities under the Provisions of PPV&FR Act, 2001 by Manoj Srivastava, P.K. Singh, Ajay Kumar Singh and P.L. Gautam

14. Collection and Utilization of Cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) Germplasm in Kerala Agricultural University by J.S. Minimol and S. Prasannakumari Amma

15. Early Yield and Growth Performance in a Set of Brazilian Wild Hevea Germplasm in India by G. Prabhakara Rao and C.P. Reghu

16. Participatory Approaches for Sustainable In-situ Conservation of Germplasms and PGR by D.R. Rathod, Ambili S. Nair and S.B. Deshmukh

17. Ex-situ Conservation of Plant Genetic Diversity: An Overview by D.R. Rathod, Ambili S. Nair and V.L. Gawande

18. Promoting Biodiversity in Coconut for Food Security by Remany Goplalakrishnan

19. Biodiversity of Tapioca (Manihot Esculenta Crantz) in Kerala by Santha V. Pillai, M.N. Sheela, Bala Nambisan, J. Sreekumar, S. Sreelekha and S.K. Naskar

20. Implications of Rice Biodiversity in the Economic Empowerment of Tribal Communities in Koraput District by Sehnaz Ara, S.S. Chaudhary and A.K. Badoghar

21. The Influence of Soil on the Occurrence and Distribution of Agaricus Species in Kerala by Susha S. Thara, S. Bhavani Devi and M. Suharban

22. Conservation and Evaluation of Upland Paddy Varieties Suitable for Intercropping in Coconut Gardens by V. Thulasi, P.I. Poornima Yadav, A. Kareem, P.P. Moossa, M. Ameena and M. Rafeekhar

23. Rice Genetic Resources of Kerala by Veena Vighneswaran and I. Johnkutty

24. Biodiversity of Tropical Minor Crops by B. Vimala and Bala Nambisan

25. Promotion and Prospects of Vermiculture Practice in Bangalore by B.R. Yeshwanth, R.D. Kale, M. Jayashankar and S. Ramakrishna