Veterinary Toxicology at a Glance
Veterinary Toxicology at a Glance
by Singh/Sharma et al
Year 2013
Paperback/Hardbound Hardbound
ISBN 10 9382471073
ISBN 13 9789382471073
Language English
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Synopsis 1: Introduction
Synopsis 2: Fundamentals of Toxicology
Synopsis 3: General Toxicology (Definitions and Terminology)
Synopsis 4: Factors Modifying Toxicity
Synopsis 5: Metal Toxicity
Synopsis 6: Non-Metals
Synopsis 7: Pesticides
Synopsis 8: Rodenticides
Synopsis 9: Mycotoxins
Synopsis 10: Toxicity Caused by Plants and Weeds
Synopsis 11: Feed and Food Additives
Synopsis 12: Animal and Insect Poisoning
Synopsis 13: Drug Toxicity
Synopsis 14: Environmental Toxicology
Synopsis 15: Radiation Hazard and Industrial Toxicants
Synopsis 16: Immunotoxicology
Synopsis 17: Toxicology and Law
Synopsis 18: Amazing World of Animal Poisoning
Synopsis 19: Chemicals Used in War/Terrorism


Appendix-1: Pioneers of Pharmacology
Appendix-2: Experimental Animals
Appendix-3: Poisons of Living Organism
Appendix-4: Different Sources of Poisoning
Appendix-5: Sources of Toxicants
Appendix-6: Types of Toxicity
Appendix-7: Mechanisms of Toxicity
Appendix-8: Diagnosis of Poisoning
Appendix-9: Treatment of Poisoning
Appendix-10: Therapeutic Ratio
Appendix-11: Factors Related to Toxicity
Appendix-12: Different Sources of Toxicity
Appendix-13: Mycotoxins
Appendix-14: Poisonous Plants
Appendix-15: Specific Antidotes
Appendix-16: Photosensitization
Appendix-17: Poisonous World
Appendix-18: Accumulators of Selenium
Appendix-19: Relation between Human Health, Animal Health and Environmental
Appendix-20: Risk Relations
Appendix-21: Different Routes of Drug Administration
Appendix-22: Biotransformation of Toxicants
Appendix-23: Miscellaneous Points