Conservation Agriculture Technology
Conservation Agriculture Technology
by Singh, R C
Year 2014
Paperback/Hardbound Hardbound
ISBN 10 9382471685
ISBN 13 9789382471684
Language English
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Contents of the Book.

1. Energy and Greenhouse Gases Measure in Agriculture

1.1 Energy in Agriculture

1.2 Energy Equivalents

1.3 Energy use Measures

1.4 Agricultural Emission Measure

1.5 Measurement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Crop Fields

1.6 Standard for Emission of Farm power sources

1.7 Recommendations for Efficient Energy Utilization in Agriculture

2. Conservation Tillage: Energy and Environment

2.1 Conservation Technology to Enhance Energy Use Efficiency

2.2 Conservation Tillage Machinery Design Considerations

2.3 Important Issues in Conservation Seeding/Planting

2.4 Conservation Tillage Machinery

2.5 Other Resource Conservation Tillage Machinery

2.6 Field Performance of Conservation Tillage Machinery

2.7 Impact of Technology: Energy and Environment

2.8 Demand for the Future: Climate Change

3. Control Traffic Machinery: Energy and Economics

3.1 Soil Compaction

3.2 Factors Effecting Soil Compaction

3.3 Soil Compaction Solutions

3.4 Control Traffic

3.5 Machinery for Furrow/Bed Farming System .

3.6 Traffic Energy and Soil Deformation

3.7 Practical Impact

3.8 Impact of Technology: Energy and Economics

4. Mulching and Weed Management Technology: Energy and Environment

4.1 Mulch.

4.2 Guidelines for Applying Mulch

4.3 Organic Mulches

4.4 Machinery for Mulching and Weeding

4.5 Weeding Technology

4.6 Chemical Spray Technology

4.7 Impact of Technology: Energy and Environment

5. Energetic of Pumping Irrigation and GHG Emission

5.1 Centrifugal Pump

5.2 Efficient Pumping System Operation

5.3 Energy Conservation

5.4 Efficient Irrigation: Energy and Environment

5.5 Ground Water Recharge for Adoption and Mitigation

6. Crop Residue Management: Energy and Environment

6.1 Crop Residue in India

6.2 Machinery for Crop Residue Management

6.3 Machinery for Seeding under Crop Residue Condition

6.4 Technology to Handle the Crop Residue for Energy Conservation

6.5 Energy from Crop Residue

6.6 Manure Management

6.7 Research Needs for Efficient Residue Management

6.8 Impact of Residue Managements-Energy and Environment

7. Carbon Sequestration, Credit and Trading

7.1 Soil Carbon Sequestration

7.2 Mechanism Controlling Soil Carbon Turnover

7.3 Factors Affecting Carbon Sequestration Potential

7.4 Carbon Credit and Trading

7.5 Kyoto Protocol

7.6 Eligibility Requirement for Carbon Credit Trading

7.7 Clean Development Mechanism

7.8 India and Carbon Credits

7.9 Accounting Norms on Carbon Credit in India

Appendix -1: Mulch Film Processors/Dealers

Appendix -2: List of Manufacturer/Suppliers of Resource/ Conservation Agricultural Equipment in India