Practical Book on Fish Nutrition & Feed Technology
Practical Book on Fish Nutrition & Feed Technology
by Athithan, S
Year 2014
Paperback/Hardbound Hardbound
ISBN 10 9382471715
ISBN 13 9789382471714
Language English
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Contents of the Book.

1. Types of Feeds Used in Aquaculture

2. Development of Natural Food in Fish Pond

3. Artemia Cyst Hatching

4. Quality Analysis of Artemia Cysts

5. Aqua Feed Formulation Methods

6. Study of Parts, Operation and Functions of a Twin Extruder

7. Preparation of Micro-Encapsulated Egg Diet (MEED)

8. Preparation of Egg Custard

9. Preparation of Micro Bound Diets

10. Preparation of Complete Feed

11. Preparation of Supplementary Feed

12. Preparation of Sinking Fish Feed for Ornamental Fishes

13. Preparation of Floating Feed for Ornamental Fishes

14. Physical Evaluation of Feeds and Feed Ingredients

15. Determination of Water Stability of Aqua Feeds

16. Biological Evaluation of Protein in Fish and Crustaceans

17. Determination of Dry Matter and Moisture in Feeds and Feed Ingredients

18. Estimation of Crude Protein Content in Feeds and Feed Ingredients by Kjeldahl Method

19. Determination of Crude Fat in Feeds and Feed Ingredients

20. Determination of Crude Fibre in Feeds and Feed Ingredients

21. Determination of Ash Content in Feed and Feed Ingredients

22. Determination of Nitrogen Free Extract

23. Determination of Acid Insoluble Ash in Feed and Feed Ingredients

24. Determination of Free Fatty Acids

25. Determination of Peroxide Value of Fish Oil

26. Working Principle of a Bomb Calorimeter and Estimation of Gross Energy of a Sample

27. Determination of Sodium Chloride Content in Feed Ingredient

28. Determination of Calcium

29. Determination of Phosphorous

30. Molasses Analysis

31. Determination of Potassium

32. Determination of Urease Activity in Soybean Meal

33. Determination of Free Gossypol in Cottonseed Meal

34. Determination of Thioglucoside

35. Aflatoxin Analysis

36. Experimental Design in Diet Studies

37. Study of Models of Fish Feeders

38. Calculation of Growth Parameters in Fish Nutrition

39. Methodology of Nutritional Bioenergetics – An Outline

40. Calculation of Digestible Energy Values for Fish

41. Conversion of Wet Weight into Dry Weight Basis Unit