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Basic Plant Virology

Basic Plant Virology

by Nath, P.B. et al

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  • Year: 2023
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  • ISBN: 9789356511712
  • Language: English

1. Overview of Viruses: The Acellular Microbe and their Economic Significance
2. History of Plant Virology
3. General and Morphological Characters, Composition and Structure of Viruses 
4. Important Viral Diseases of Vegetable and Floricultural Crops in India
5. Important Virus and Virus Like Diseases of Fruit Crops in India
6. Important Viral Diseases of Cereal Crops in India 
7. Baculoviruses 
8. Satellite viruses and Satellite RNAs
9. Bacteriophage 
10. Viroids 

11. Prion 
12. Mycoviruses 
13. Arboviruses 
14. Phytoplasmas 
15. Origin and Evolution of Viruses 
16. Virus Nomenclature and Classification 
17. Virus Genome Organization 
18. Plant Virus Replication and Movement in the Host Tissues 
19. Response of the Host to Virus Infection: Physiological, Biological and Symotomatological
20. Transmission of Plant Viruses and Virus Vector Relationship 
21. Isolation and Purification of Plant Viruses 

22. Nucleic Acid Based Diagnosis of Plant Viruses 

23. Protein Based Diagnosis of Plant Viruses 
24. Mechanism of Resistance and R-genes 
25. Genetic Engineering in Viral Disease Management of Crop Plants
26. Electron Microscopy and Ultra Microtomy 
27. Plant Virus Ecology: Spread of Plant Viruses in Field, Host Range and Dispersal 
28. General Management Strategies Against Plant Viruses