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Hybrid Seed Production

Hybrid Seed Production

by Roy/ Deo

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  • Year: 2023
  • Paperback/Hardbound: Hardbound
  • ISBN: 9789356511934
  • Language: English

1. Biotechnological Potential of Microbial L-asparaginases: Recent Approach 

2. Application of Enzymes in Disease Diagnosis 

3. Microbial Fibrinolytic Enzymes as Novel Therapeutic and Thrombolytic Agents 

4. Biological Role of Glutaminases as Promising Anti-tumor Agents 

5. Screening, Production and Applications of Bacterial Laccases 

6. Aspergillus Lipase: A deep Insight into the Recent Advances of Lipase Production and its Industrial Applications 

7. Lipase Enzyme and its Biologial Potential in Various Industrial Applications

8. Versatile Action, Properties, Application And Mechanism of Ecofriendly Microbial Enzyme - Proteases

9. Pectinases, Sources, Classification, Mechanisms and Industrial Applications 

10. Tannase Enzyme- Sources, Mechanisms, Properties and Applications