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Advanced Molecular Techniques in Animal Disease Diagnosis

Advanced Molecular Techniques in Animal Disease Diagnosis

by Pathak, A. et al

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  • Year: 2023
  • Paperback/Hardbound: Hardbound
  • ISBN: 9789356512382
  • Language: English

1 Behavioral Disorders in Companion Animals-A Framework 
2 Importance of Animal Nutrition and Requirement Related Diseases and Diagnostics
3 Diagnosis of Metabolic Diseases Related to Vitamin, Minerals and Fatty Acids
4 Insights into Metabolic Profile Testing in Dairy Animals for Herd Health Management
5 Omics Technologies in the Diagnosis of Animal Diseases 
6 Novel Advances in Molecular Diagnostics Techniques for Livestock and Poultry Disease
7 Emerging Tools in Viral Disease Diagnostics for Animals 
8 Strategies to Combat Various Microbial Infections with Conventional and Modern Diagnostic Techniques
9 Fungal Disease Diagnostics Techniques and Future Perspective 
10 Molecular Diagnosis: A Potentially Revolutionary Approach in Veterinary Medicine
11 Diagnosis of Genetic Disorders in Livestock 
12 Novel Approaches to Diagnose Reproductive Disorders in Bovine
13 Essential Development in Diagnostic Techniques for Trypanosomosis
14 Diagnosis of Parasitic Diseases: Current and Future Prospects 
15 Current Diagnostic Approaches for the Detection of Bovine Subclinical Mastitis
16 Technological Development in Diagnosis of Bovine Mastitis 
17 Predicting Ketosis in Dairy Cows using Advanced Techniques 
18 Current Diagnostics Trends, Latest Advancements and Opportunities to Combat Animal Tuberculosis
19 In Vitro and Molecular Methodologies for the Diagnosis of Brucellosis in Livestock
20 Diagnostic Tools for Identification of African Swine Fever Virus 
21 Diagnostic Approaches for Newcastle Disease in Poultry: The Current and Emerging Perspectives
22 Biochemical Profiling in Equine Diseases: An Advanced Diagnostic Tool
23 Advance Concepts in the Etiopatho-Physiology, Diagnosis, Treatment and Management of Navicular Lameness in Equine
24 Newer Ophthalmological Techniques for Animal Disease Diagnosis
25 Current Genetic