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Advances in Livestock Production and Management

Advances in Livestock Production and Management

by Kumar, S

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  • Year: 2014
  • Paperback/Hardbound: Hardbound
  • ISBN: 9789382471196
  • Language: ENGLISH

1. Probiotics: A mock-up for Increasing Milk Production of Dairy Animals in India 2. Bioinformatics in Livestock Sector 3. Bioinformatics: Genomic Revolution for Livestock Improvement 4. Fodder Production for Livestock through Silvipasture System 5. Mad Cow Disease: A real Problem for Bovine 6. Diseases and Parasites of Livestock and Their Control 7. Housing Climate of Dairy Cattle 8. Feed Additives: A Boon for Livestock Farming 9. Anti-nutritional Factors in Feed and Fodders 10. Organic Milk Production: Recent Trends and Future Prospects 11. Recent trends in Dairy Technology Sector, Challenges and Opportunities 12. Functional Dairy Foods: Concepts and Applications 13. Strategies for Production of Clean and Wholesome Milk 14. Importance of Goat Farming in Rural Areas of India for Sustainable Livelihood 15. Breeding Strategies in Livestock 16. Meat Industry, Its Scope and Future Prospect 17. Role of Livestock Sector in Rural Development 18. Hay: A Modern Technique for Conservation of Fodder and Forages 19. Silage: A Modern Technique for Preservation of Green Forages 20. Efficacy of Herbal Drugs on Reproductive and other Attributes of Animals 21. Skeletal Malformations due to Heavy Metals Induced in Chick Embryos: An Experimental Study in Regards to Environmental Hazards 22. Optimizing Livestock Production Through Chelated and Area Specific Mineral Mixture Supplementation 23. Seed Production Technology of Forage Sorghum 24. Classification and Quality Aspect of Feed and Fodder 25. Uses of Livestock By-Products