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Botany of Vegetable Crops : A Text Book

Botany of Vegetable Crops : A Text Book

by Kumar, A R

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  • Year: 2014
  • Paperback/Hardbound: Hardbound
  • ISBN: 9789382471493
  • Language: ENGLISH

1.History and Evolution of  Plant Classification 2.General  Principles  for the Classification of Flowering Plants 3.Flower structure 4.Pollination 5.Morphology   of   roots,   stem   and leaves 6.Morphology  of   inflorescence   and flower 7.Morphology of ovule and fruits 8.Basic details of important vegetable crops 9.Okra / Lady’s finger / Bhendi 10.Tomato 11.Brinjal 12.Chilli and capsicum 13.Potato 14.Tapioca 15.Sweet potato 16.Yam 17.Taro 18.Elephant  yam  (or)  Elephant  foot yam 19.Coleus (or) Chinese potato 20.Onion 21.Carrot 22.Celery 23.Cucurbits 24.Pea 25.Dolichos bean or Indian bean 26.French bean 27.Lima bean (or) butterbean 28.Cowpea 29.Broad bean 30.Cluster beans 31.Drumstick 32.Amaranthus 33.Cabbage 34.Cauliflower 35.Brussels sprouts 36.Turnip 37.Radish 38.Knol khol (or) Khol rabi 39.Beet root 40.Palak (or) spinach beet 41.Lettuce 42.Globe artichoke 43.Glossary