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Environment and Biodiversity

Environment and Biodiversity

by Gupta/Gupta

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  • Year: 2014
  • Paperback/Hardbound: Hardbound
  • ISBN: 9789382471516
  • Language: ENGLISH

1. Impact of Climate Breakdown on Biodiversity 2. Hematological and Biochemical Alterations Crossbred in Cows Exposed to Cows Exposed to Air Pollutants During Rice Strew Burning in Lower Egypt  3. Hydrological Investigations of Dehgolan Plain, Kurdistan, Iran using Geophysical Techniques 4. Role of Cuticular Traits in Water Balance Mechanisms in Drosophilids: Analysis of Melanisation Desiccation Hypothesis 5. Management Practices of Painting Without Pollution 6. Bioecological Studies on Orthopteran Fauna in Greater Himalayan Belt of Himachal Pradesh 7. Soil nematode Fauna: Useful Tool for the Biological Monitoring of Soil Ecosystems and the Effects of Climatic Changes 8. Bamboo: An Alternative Resource in Sustaining the Himalayan Ecosystem 9. Biotic Spectrum of Holy River Manorma with Special Reference to Zooplankton Diversity 10. Studies on Some Water Quality Parameters of the Wetlands of District Mainpuri (U.P.) India 11. Impact of Global Climate Change on Pollinator Diversity and Conservation 12. Rising Levels of Hydrotoxicants: A Menace Ahead for Sustainable Health and Socio-economic Development of Rajasthan 13. Diversity and Distribution of Rust Fungi in Central Himalayan Region 14. Diversity and Abundance of Macroinvertebrate Fauna in Pagladia River of Assam 15. Green House Effect and Global Warming: Causes, Consequences and Steps to Minimise the Climate Change 16. Climatic Factors vis-a-vis Tasar Silk Production with Reference to Assessment of its Sustainability 17. Large Scale Distributional Patterns of Benthic Macroinvertebrate Fauna in the Himalayan Streams 18. Change Detection of Vegetation (using NDVI): Loss of Biodiversity in Jharia Coalfield 19. Indoor Air Pollution: A Threat to Rural Women and Children 20. Biodiversity Loss by Human Activities 21. Green Tourism: A Sustainable Approach to Emphasize the Nationalized Economy 22. Impact of Cloudburst Disaster and Its Management in India