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Horticultural Technology Management

Horticultural Technology Management

by Kumar/Prasad

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  • Year: 2015
  • Paperback/Hardbound: Hardbound
  • ISBN: 9789384337346
  • Language: ENGLISH

1. Nursery Management for Horticultural Crops 2. Innovative Flower Crops Production in Open Field 3. Climate Change and Horticultural Industry: Impact and Adaptive Strategies 4. Production of High Value Horticultural Crops Under Protected Conditions 5. Role of Mychorrhiza in Vegetable Production 6. Advances in Water and Nutrient Management of Banana 7. Cropping Sequence for Sustainable Vegetable Production 8. Use of Biofertilizers in Organic Farming 9. Use of Male Sterility in Onion 10. Canopy Management and Rejuvenation of Senile/Unproductive Orchards 11. Hybrid Seed Production of Vegetable Crops 12. Insect Pest Management in Organic Vegetable Production 13. Novel use of Plastics in Profitable Horticulture 14. Biopesticides in Organic Farming 15. Seed Deterioration in Vegetable Crops 16. Pests Management in Major Horticultural Crops 17. Physiological Disorders of Vegetable Crops 18. Post-harvest Handling and Storage Technology for Onion and Garlic 19. Food Processing and Value Addition