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Bridging the Science - Policy Gap for the Inculsive Growth in India

Bridging the Science - Policy Gap for the Inculsive Growth in India

by Dutta, V

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  • Year: 2017
  • Paperback/Hardbound: Hardbound
  • ISBN: 9789386110008
  • Language: ENGLISH

1. Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Research: An Approach Towards Strengthening Evidence Gathering Exercise 2. Challenges of Inclusive Growth in India and role of Science, Technology and 
Innovation – Common Synthesis from Field Studies 3. Policy Options for Agricultural Sustainability for Small and Marginal Farmers in India: Role of Science Technology and Innovation 4. Scoping Study on Impacts of Agriculture on Natural Resources: A Case of Ganga Basin- Uttar Pradesh 5. Saving Water and Energy in Agriculture in Upper Ganga River Basin (UGRB): An Evidence-based Policy Framework 6. Science and Technology in Managing Climate Risks for Sustainable Economic Development 7. Energy Access Through Energy Efficient Technology: Policies and Programmes for Domestic Sector in India 8. Determinants of Awareness and Willingness to Pay for Solar and Biomass Based Energy Generation in Rural Households of Shravasti District (Uttar Pradesh), India 9. Factors Affecting Rural and Urban Healthcare System using Probit Model 10. Rejuvenating Iconic Rivers and Conserving their Tributaries: The Case Study of Ganga and Ramganga Rivers with Reference to Environmental Flows Allocation and Trade-offs 11. Sustainable Groundwater Management Through Water Conservation and Recharge Schemes in a Water-stressed Region of Central Ganga Alluvial Plain, India 12. Innovation-inclusion Interface in Agriculture: Empirical Evidences From Indian Irrigation