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Insight into Soil and Plant Analysis

Insight into Soil and Plant Analysis

by Abrol, V

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  • Year: 2019
  • Paperback/Hardbound: Hardbound
  • ISBN: 9789387590717
  • Language: ENGLISH

1.An Introduction to Soil  2.Soil Sampling Technique 3.Determination of Soil Texture 4.Study of Soil Forming Minerals and their Identification 5.Study of a Soil Profile 6.Study of Soil Forming Rocks 7.Soil Colour  8.Determination of Soil Reaction (pH) 9.Determination of Electrical Conductivity 10.Determination of Carbonates and Bicarbonates 11.Determination of Organic Carbon  12.Determination of Nitrogen in Soil  13.Determination of Phosphorous in Soil 14.Determination of Available Potassium in Soil 15.Determination of Sulphur 16.Determination of Calcium and Magnesium  17.Determination of Cation Exchange Capacity in Soil 18.Determination of Calcium Carbonate (free lime) in Soil 19.Determination of Micronutrient Cations  20.Determination of Gypsum Requirement,  21 Determination of Lime Requirement of Soil 22.Sampling, Processing and Storage of Plant Samples 23 Determination of Total Nitrogen in Plant  24.Determination of Phosphorus in Plant  25.Determination of Total K in Plant 26.Determination of Micronutrients 27.Importance and Deficiency Symptoms of Essential Plant Nutrients