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Innovative Horticultural Practices : Production and Improvement

Innovative Horticultural Practices : Production and Improvement

by Solankey, S S

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  • Year: 2019
  • Paperback/Hardbound: Hardbound
  • ISBN: 9789388668187
  • Language: ENGLISH

1 Present status and future prospects of horticulture in India 2 Soil fertility evaluation techniques in horticultural crops 3 Nutrient dynamics in horticultural crops  4 Efficacy of nano zinc fertilizer on crop growth and yield in horticultural crops 5 Fertigation in horticultural crops 6 Aeroponics in horticultural crops 7 Hydroponics in vegetable crops 8 Nanotechnology: boost for horticulture 9 Advances in rootstock technology of horticulture crops 10 Mutational breeding and its application in horticultural crops mprovement 11 Polyembryony in horticultural crops 12 Development and utilization of doubled haploids:an opportunity for improvement of cole crops 13 Somatic embryogenesis in horticultural crops 14 Seed enhancement techniques in vegetable crops 15 Screening of horticultural crops for salt tolerance 16 Nutritional quality of Vegetable crops 17 Maturity indices of vegetable crops 18 Minimal processing in horticultural crops for quality and safety 19 Application of microencapsulation in food industry with a special focus on probiotic products 20 Storage of quality seeds in horticultural crops 21 Effects of chemical resistance inducer in disease management of horticultural crops 22 Bio- management of tomato wilt caused by Fusarium oxysprum f. sp. lycopersici 23 Virus elimination techniques in horticultural crops 24 Endophytic microbiome exploration and their applications in horticultural crops