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Entomology : A Basic Manual

Entomology : A Basic Manual

by Kumar, A

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  • Year: 2021
  • Paperback/Hardbound: Hardbound
  • ISBN: 9789389996210
  • Language: English

The primary objective of this manual is to provide basic knowhow on exercise aspects of Entomology to the undergraduate students of agriculture which will enable them to understand the morphology, physiology, taxonomy and ecology of various insects. Besides above, the aspects like insect collection, sampling, preservation, and their identification along with plant protection equipments have also been covered. Overall, the manual entitled “Entomology ..A Basic Manual” will especially cater to under-graduate students as it has been primarily developed in the light of elementary courses on Entomology approved by ICAR 5th Deans Committee. However, it will also be of immensely useul to post-graduate students, researchers and teachers.