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Established and Emerging Practices for Soil and Crop Productivity

Established and Emerging Practices for Soil and Crop Productivity

by Bimbraw, A.S

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  • Year: 2022
  • Paperback/Hardbound: Hardbound
  • ISBN: 9789389996227
  • Language: English

1. Importance, impact and objectives of green technology
2.History, importance, preparation and organisms in composting
3.Preparation, requirement and maintenance of vermi-compost and farm yard manure
4.Reuse, type, treatment of grey water
5.Types, significance, choice of cover crops
6.Carbon farming: green and brown manuring
7.Climate change and global warming impact on agriculture
8.Causes and impact of hurricanes and tropical storms
9.Classification, depletion, management of natural resources
10. Crop diversification for maximizing productivity
11.Concept, significance and sustainability of cropping system
12. Approach, objectives and components of farming system
13.Degradation and management of land use resource
14.Principles, significance and future of conservation agriculture
15.Policy challenges and potential solutions of residue burning in India
16.Type, importance, history, emerging technology of renewable energy
17.Elements, technologies, approaches of precision farming
18.Challenges, concept, approaches, management of site-specific nutrient
19.Concept, advantages, components of integrated nutrient management
20.Concept and function of integrated pest management
Challenges of established and emerging technologies