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Mites And Nematodes On Medicinal Plants In India

Mites And Nematodes On Medicinal Plants In India

by Gupta/ Mondal

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  • Year: 2022
  • Paperback/Hardbound: Hardbound
  • ISBN: 9789389996296
  • Language: English

The book deals with diversity of 440 species of mites under 122 genera, 21 families and 3 orders including 15 species, the occurrence of which from India was earlier unknown. Each species of mite has been dealt with giving relevant references, collection and distribution data and economic importance, if any. The information regarding the diversity of mite genera and species on medicinal plants in India, diversity of medicinal plant families along with number of plant species under each having occurrence of different mite species under different genera and families, distribution of mites in different States/ Union Territories of India, a host-mite list representing  all the 320 species of medicinal plants along with their therapeutic values and relevant GPS data of all collection localities have been provided. Lastly, the mite species which are of economic importance either as phytophagous or as predatory in nature and recorded in the present study have also been highlighted. 
        A far as nematodes are concerned, a total of 39 species under 23 genera, 18 families and 6 orders have been dealt with which included 10 species and 7 species under phytophagous and predatory groups, respectively and the others belonged to omnivorous, fungivores and bacteriophages groups. Most of the hosts / habitats which are reported here were earlier unknown from India. Besides, a 2-year study on seasonal fluctuation of nematodes on 4 different species of medicinal plants and 3 laboratory-based experiments for control of 3 nematode species with plant extracts and EPF were also carried out and the results of that study have also been included in this book. Apart from the result mentioned above, information pertaining to nematodes associated with medicinal plants, as available in literature, have also been included highlighting their economic importance. This has been done to provide a broader idea about nematode diversity on medicinal plants in India and their importance as pests/predators/omnivorous, etc.

       The present book provides a comprehensive account for the first time in India regarding diversity of mites and nematodes associated with medicinal plants which is expected to indicate the present state of knowledge in India and what more is needed to be done.