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Fundamentals of Plant Breeding

Fundamentals of Plant Breeding

by Pandiyan, M. et al

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  • Year: 2021
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  • ISBN: 9789390212026
  • Language: English

Unit I: Reproductive Systems In Plant Breeding
1.Objectives, History and Achievement
2.Centre of Diversity and Origin
3.Plant Genetic Resources
4.Germplasm Exploration
5.Mode of Pollination and Reproduction
6.Self Incompatibility in Crop Plants
7.Male Sterility System in Plants
8.Environmentally Sensitive Genetic Male Sterile System
Unit II: Breeding Methods Of Self Pollinated Crops
10.Polygenic Variation
11.Plant Introduction
12.Genetic Basis of Self Pollinated Crops
13.Pure Line Selection
14.Hybridization and Selection
15.Pedigree Method and Bulk Method.
16.Single Seed Descent Method
17.Back Cross Breeding
18.Multiline Development
Unit III: Breeding Methods Of Cross Pollinated Crops And Clonally Propagated Crops
19.Population Improvement Approaches
20.Mass Selection
21.Recurrent Selection
22.Heterosis Breeding
23.Inbred and Hybrid Development
24.Synthetics and Composites
25.Clonal Selection
26.Ploidy Breeding
27.Wide Hybridization
28.Mutation Breeding
Unit IV: Special Breeding Methods
29.Breeding for Disease and Insect Resistance
30.Breeding for Drought Resistance
Unit V: Varietal Release, Seed Production, Markers And IPR
31.Release of New Variety
32.Marker Assisted Breeding
33.Participatory Plant Breeding