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Fundamentals of Plant Biochemistry

Fundamentals of Plant Biochemistry

by Chitra, M. et al

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  • Year: 2022
  • Paperback/Hardbound: Hardbound
  • ISBN: 9789390611614
  • Language: English

Plant Biochemistry is a relatively applied science, but its rate of growth has been truly impressive. The rapid pace of discoveries, which shows sign of blooming and is reflected in the steady increase in the knowledge of Biochemistry. This book has been written to meet the needs of students for biochemistry courses at various levels of undergraduate and post graduate studies. This book covers the scope and sequence requirements for semester course to non-majors students. The book presents the core concepts of biochemistry with a focus on applications in plant science. The pedagogical features of the text make the material interesting and accessible while maintaining the career-application focus and scientific rigor inherent in the subject matter. This book enhances students’ understanding of concepts through clear and effective illustrations, diagrams, and photographs.

A grasp of the logic and practice of plant science is essential to understand the rest of the world around us. To that end, this book remains focused on experimental support for what we know about plant biochemistry, and on showing students about the relationship of macromolecules and function. Rather than trying to be a comprehensive reference book, it selectively details investigative questions and methods that lead to our understanding of plant biology. It focus is on more obvious in learning objectives of scientific thought in agricultural and pharmacological problems. All units of plant biochemistry are having been meticulously revised and able bodied in the most recent scientific information. We assure that this book would be useful to undergraduate students in all aspects as a basic tool. This book has been written based on the UG syllabus of ICAR, SAUs and TNAU. This book also serves as a guide for the students who are preparing for competitive examinations like ICAR-JRF, ICAR-SRF UGC-NET, JNU and CSIR. Constructive suggestions of scholars, students and teachers are invited for further improvement of this book.