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Fundamental Entomology: A Practical Manual

Fundamental Entomology: A Practical Manual

by Agrawal, N

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  • Year: 2022
  • Paperback/Hardbound: Hardbound
  • ISBN: 9789391063061
  • Language: English

At a time when online study materials are flooded on the internet, book “Fundamental Entomology
– A practical Manual” comes as a cool breeze of basic practical knowledge of Entomology
especially morphology, anatomy, applied taxonomy and systematics in one go. It is mainly written
keeping in view the course requirement of students of Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry
(Honours) who have been studying Entomology in various Universities. Exercises dealing with
different stages of insect metamorphosis have been critically designed to understand various types of
larval and pupal stages in the life cycle of different insects. Topics such as Insect Classification has
been dealt in detail with characters of important insect orders and families of economic importance,
with examples, suitable figures and pictures. The brain storming glossary provided in the book would
be of paramount importance for those students appearing in various competitive examinations,
interviews and viva- voce.
The book provides a comprehensive account of Practical Exercises that have been prescribed in
ICAR’s syllabus including insecticides and their different formulations; properties of pesticide
appliances and their uses. Insect ecology with sampling techniques for estimation of insect
population and crop damage has been incorporated in a precise and comprehensive manner. A
separate chapter is devoted for the entomological methods as collecting and identifying insects
requires a basic understanding of insect anatomy (morphology), development, and physiology, as
well as behaviour.  Therefore, this chapter deals with the methods of collection of insects, their
setting, labeling, preservation, mounting and storage in the insect collection boxes for proper
taxonomic studies. Every attempt has been made to explain the importance of different steps required
in insect collection which might be lacking in other books. The information in all respect is pooled
and presented in a simple and lucid language for easy understanding.