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Agri-Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Opportunities

Agri-Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Opportunities

by Dhenge, S.V.

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  • Year: 2022
  • Paperback/Hardbound: Hardbound
  • ISBN: 9789391063344
  • Language: English

Part I Agri-Entrepreneurship Development
1. Agri-Entrepreneurship
2. Agri-Entrepreneurship: A Need of the Hour
3. Agricultural Entrepreneurship in India
4. Agripreneurship: A Boon for Rural Area
5. Entrepreneurship & Agribusiness in Indian Economy
6. Agri-entrepreneurship Market Prospects
7. Challenges of Agripreneurship in India
8. Role of Government Schemes and Subsidies to Promote Entrepreneurship in Agriculture
Part II - Market-Led Extension
9. Market-Led Extension: Challenges and Opportunities
10. Marketing Information System: Applications and Prospects in Indian Agriculture
11. Role of Market Led Extension in Marketing Channel
Part III - Digital Marketing
12. Role of Digital Marketing in Agri-Business
13. Digital Marketing: Challenges and Potential
Part IV - Market Research
14. Market Research : Method and Tools
15. How to Conduct Market Research
16. Role of Farmer Producer Organizations in Agri Entrepreneurship
17. Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO): Converting Farming to Agri-Entrepreneurship

18. Farmer Producer Organizations: A Successful Business Model
19. FPOs: A Tool for the Upliftment of Agripreneurship
20. Farmer Producer Organizations: Schemes and Initiatives in India
21. Role of Farmer Producers’ Organizations (FPOs) in Agri-Entrepreneurship
Part VI - Supply Chain Management of Agriculture Produce
22. Supply Chain Management (SCM) of Agricultural Commodities
23. Supply Chain Management of Agricultural Produce
Part VII. SWOT Analysis
24. SWOT Analysis in Different Agri-Enterprises
25. How to Conduct SWOT Analysis
Part VIII - Success Stories
26. Tinash Agro Industry-A success story of startup entrepreneur of West Garo Hills District, Meghalaya
27. Role of Farm-Based Enterprises in Agricultural Development: Case Studies
28. Handpicked success stories in strengthening their livelihood
29. Mushroom Production: Agri Entrepreneurship for Employment & Nutrition
30. Vermicomposting: Subsidiary Business for Dairy Farmers
31. Prosperous Entrepreneurs: Success Stories-4
Part IX - Case Studies
32. Agri-entrepreneurship: Case Studies
Part X - Techno-Economic Assessment
33. Techno-Economic Assessment of Sugarcane Nursery for Successful Commercialization