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Disease Management of Forest Plants

Disease Management of Forest Plants

by Chandel, C.

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  • Year: 2022
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  • ISBN: 9789392851131
  • Language: English

1 History of Forest Pathology
2 Basic Terminology of Plant Pathology
3 Types of Plant Pathogens
4 Measurement and Loss Assessment of Plant Diseases
5 Causes of Nursery Diseases and Possible Control Strategies
       A. Abiotic (Inanimate or Non-Infectious)
       1. Causes of Abiotic Diseases
       B. Biotic Diseases (Animate or Infectious Diseases)
       1. Causes of Biotic Diseases
       2. Factors Affecting Nursery Diseases
       3. Management of Nursery Diseases
6 Seed Borne Infections in Forest Trees and their Detection
       A) Detection of Fungus-Damaged Seeds and Determination of Pathogens Associated with Seeds
       B) Management of Seed Borne Diseases
       C) Assessment of Seed Microflora of Tree Species
7 Diseases and Management of Economically Important Forest Trees
A) Chestnut, Dutch Elm, Oak
B) Teak, Dalbergia Sp., Acacia Spp.
C) Neem, Cassia, Sal and Terminalia
D) Mango and Jack
E) Pines and Deodar
F) Eucalyptus, Bamboo and Casuarina
G) Rubber, Sandal Wood and Champhor
H) Albezia, Toona, Susbania and Subabul
I) Mulberry, Semul and Maple
J) Poplar, Willows and Cinchona
K) Anola, Lagerstromea and Anogeissus
L) Celtis, Fagus and Robinia
8 Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Diseases and their Management
A) Solanum, Glaucium and Mentha
B) Digitalis, Dioscorea and Gingseng
C) Belladona, Datura and Pyrethrum
D) Ocimum, Lemon Balm, Lemongrass and Aloe
9 Forest Wood Biodegradation and its Preventive Measures
10 Plant Pathogens Survival and Dissemination Process
A) Types of Wood Decay, Gross Characters of Decay, Sap Stain, Different Types of Rots in Hardwoods, Softwoods
B) Prevention and Management of the Wood Decay
C) Graveyard Test and Decay Resistant Woods Mushroom Commercial Production Technology (Agaricus Bisporus-Botton Mushroom)
12 Mycorrhiza Applications and their Uses in Forestry
13 Principles Adopted in Forest Disease Management
14 Colour Plates - Diagnostic Disease Symptoms of Important Tree Species